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Over half of the American population is now seeking out complementary care for health issues.  Why?  Because it works.  More and more people are demanding additional avenues to finding wellness.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have had great success in the treatment of such issues as chronic and acute pain, headaches, recovery from surgery, women’s health (including menopause and fertility), allergies, auto-immune disorders, digestive disorders, fatigue, stress, emotional balancing, stress reduction, and adjunctive care for chronic illness and addiction.  

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on complementary and alternative medicine.  Acupuncture is often one of the top modalities that people seek out to aid in improving health.  It provides a safe and effective way of treating all kinds of dis-eases.  It can work well for short-term illnesses such as a cold, muscle strain, or a sprain, as well as helping more internal disorders such as high blood pressure, allergies, chronic stress, and chronic pain.  By focusing on the root of the problem in addition to the symptomology, health can be regained and then maintained.

Chinese Medicine consists of four major treatment modalities: Acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, Tuina (therapeutic massage), and Qigong.  Lifestyle and nutritional therapy are also important for long-term health benefits.

The history of the medicine itself is very old.  Chinese Medicine was developed in China between 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. It has been time-tested with amazing results in the treatment of all types of illness, including the treatment of difficult and chronic diseases.  Here in the United States, the National Institute of Health has validated the use of acupuncture in pain management and in decreasing side effects of chemotherapy.  Research continues to be done exploring the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine, including studies on women’s health and fertility where incredible results have already been seen.  

People often ask if it works.  The simple answer is, Yes It Does.  What may seem like a more primitive medicine to the Western world is really a time-tested and carefully developed modality that is based on thousands of years of experience.  

Another question people often ask me is, “how does it work”.  I like to explain it like this...  When a river is dammed, the natural ecosystem of that river is thrown off balance.  The same is true if a river is too high or too low.  The end result is that the natural balance of life is disturbed and usually leads to problems, including polluted waters.  The body is the same way.  We are made up mostly of water.  We have 12 main “meridians”, or channels of energy, that flow through the body.  Each of these meridians is paired with one of the 12 Chinese organs.  When our “rivers” of energy are blocked by injury, stress, or emotions, we can develop an imbalance in our internal ecosystem.  Our water can then become polluted like the river, and disease will develop.  The acupuncture points help to “undam” those rivers and help the body restore itself to its natural state of balance where it can then heal itself.  Physically, it also increases blood flow to the local area, helps to restore damaged tissues, loosens tight muscles, relaxes the nervous system, and releases endorphins (natural pain killers).

One of the many things that I love about this medicine is that it is an art.  When art and medicine come together, it is a truly beautiful thing.  This makes Chinese Medicine a very powerful and effective healing art that will only continue to grow in popularity as more and more of the American population sees the health benefits that it provides.

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